Christian Morisset

Native from the Poitou Region in France, Christian Morisset has discovered a passion from an early age: the pastry making.

At 5 years old, his mother's kitchen becomes his favourite playground, where he makes pancakes with cream of milk. Step by step, he rises through the ranks to become a pastry chef.

From the pastry making, he goes naturally towards the cuisine.

From 1977, he collects experiences :

  • The Mas de Pierre in St Paul de Vence
  • La Chèvre d'Or in Eze
  • La Bonne Auberge with Jo Rostang
  • La Terrace of the Hotel Juana in Juan Les Pins
  • Le Moulin de Mougins with Roger Vergé

He enters Esclimont Castle in Eure-et-Loire in 1985 as the Head Chef and in 1987 he returns to Antibes, succeeding to Alain Ducasse as chef of La Terrace of the Hotel Juana who, was distinguished by two Michelin stars and will become The Christian Morisset Terrace.

He produces an extremely technical, rigorous, lightweight and instantaneous cuisine. Real follower of short time cooking, he respects the product in order to bring out its quintessence: an expression of taste, the nature of a flavour.

After 18 years of culinary performances, this chef opens his own restaurant in Antibes, the Figuier Saint Esprit.

Meanwhile, his talented son Jordan Morisset becomes the winner of the Graine de Chef contest at the age of nine years old at the Ritz in Paris, he came out brilliantly of the Paul Augier's hotel school.

It was enough to trigger the adventure ... now that's done and well done.


N°SIREN : 499 807 907 - 14 rue Saint-Esprit - 06600 ANTIBES - Tél. 04 93 34 50 12 - Fax. 04 93 34 94 25

Le restaurant gastronomique Le Figuier de Saint Esprit vous accueille au Vieil Antibes dans le 06. Le chef Christian Morisset, bi étoilé au guide Michelin, vous réserve une carte et des menus d’exception. Ce restaurant propose une cuisine gastronomique raffinée, avec des mets en accord avec les vins.
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